Reasons Why You Should Consider Making Your Home A SMART HOME.

Has it ever happened to you, that you just got in bed and you remembered you left the lights in the kitchen on?! And then you wished you could just switch them off from the comforts of your bed… Well, that’s just one of the many amazing things a home does – but only if it is SMART. Yes! Networked connection for control! Simply put, the ability to control certain appliances in your home remotely, or as most of us would like to call it – automatically, with the help of a network that connects these devices. Using this technology, you could control the lightings of different rooms, temperatures in them, and even work on the security measures – including the closing and opening of doors. In short you could live your fantasy of living like the 007, playing with gadgets that make life convenient, and you - cool.

But apart from these not-so-easy-to-discredit reasons, there’s more for you to consider if you’ve ever given a thought to the concept of smart homes.

Energy Efficient:

  • The kid left the lights on after leaving the room? You’ve wasted energy.
  • Decreasing the air conditioner’s temperature because the sun outside is really hot? You’ve used excess energy.
  • Leave the buttons on when devices are not in use? That’s Phantom Energy Drain right there.

But with an automated home management system, all these and many other energy wasting practices can be eliminated.

  • Motion sensors will allow the lights in a room to remain on/off on the basis of the occupancy of the room, thereby saving energy.
  • Pre-programmed temperature regulation will allow you to cool or heat your homes at the right times of the day. For instance, instead of using an air conditioner on full blast when the heat is scorching, moderately programming the AC to start a little before you know you would be occupying the room would save costs by a huge margin.
  • Although we turn off appliances, they drain energy, amounting to almost 10% of the energy bills; which can be undone by the smart home systems which bypass the standby mode of all these appliances.
  • Apart from this, the “all off” feature also allows you to ensure all electrical appliances in the house are turned off, even when you remember it while you’re boarding a flight. This feature can also be customized to include and exclude appliances.

Overall, a smart home definitely is energy efficient in comparison to a traditional home.

Better Control Over Safety & Security:

Remember the times when your grandmother used to leave a pair of slippers in front of the door when all of you were going out, saying that it makes people think someone’s at home? Well, a smart security system definitely doesn’t rely on the intelligence or the stupidity of a potential burglar, when taking care of your home’s security.

Apart from the most known features of remote camera monitoring system inclusive of audio and video facilities, and locking and unlocking doors automatically, a smart home security system does things we might’ve not thought of. They come equipped with water censors, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide sensors, and even temperature sensors, that alert you when any of these levels are abnormal; thereby allowing you to safeguard your home from potential leaks or damages.Thus, if integrated with other smart appliances in your house, using a common smart hub, this security system will grant you great peace of mind, even when you’re away, with notifications sent to your smart phones or even a smart watch!

Comfort & Convenience:

As mentioned earlier, when one thinks smart home, he/she basically thinks comfort, and that it surely provides. Operating all your smart devices and equipment with just a click of a button, right from where you’re sitting is the best possible luxury one gets to experience in a smart home. Moreover, smart systems now learn your behaviour pattern and automatically adjusts itself to your schedule, so basically it means you may not even have to give commands to your smart system, and the household could be practically be on auto-pilot!

Taking this convenience one step ahead, smart systems are now getting upgraded to a touchless feature; for instance, automated flush systems, faucets, refrigerators thereby reducing the need to be physically touching these gadgets. This further implies, that smart systems will give you peace of mind by letting you spend less time on worrying over little things and instead focusing on yourself, your work or family.

WFH Needs:

From the time the world was hit by covid, WFH or the hybrid work system has become a preferred mode of work, wherein people are now spending maximum time in the confines of their home. That’s when they end up realising the importance of convenience and comfort, in the day-to-day life at home. Systems that promote wellbeing, peace of mind, and provide tranquillity are now looked at as a necessity.

Longevity And Elderly Care:

Considering the improved longevity of human life, the proportion of elderly population has increased worldwide, and unfortunately, they are often found to be living alone for multiple reasons. Thus, at such times smart homes are not just a good option, but a necessity that can actually make life easier for the older population or even their care-givers. Having not many things to remember, but also having assistance through smart systems is allowing elders to live their life in their own comfort zone, eliminating the need to move to elderly homes.

Summing up, it would be safe to say, that SMART HOMES are an option worth exploring as you step into the technologically propelled era!