Spacious 3BHK Homes In Nashik: The Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Luxury

As the earning capacity has increased, so has the spending capacity. And automatically people are now looking for homes or flats, either to invest or to upgrade their lifestyle; and spacious, luxurious, yet affordable 3BHK flats in Nashik are on the favorites list, for many! The desire to maintain certain standards and status, 3BHK flats have almost become a must-have in families with multiple earning members. If you too have your eyes set on Nashik as a real estate investment, the following blog post will elaborate on certain aspects to consider while buying a 3BHK flat.

Advantages of 3BHK homes:

a. Sufficient space for families:

A 3BHK home would be a perfect choice for a family that has elders and children, as each room could grant privacy to its occupants. While kids need to diffuse their energy and tend to get into activities that are often chaotic, the older members of the family seek peace and quiet. Thus, separate rooms for the members in the family are a great way to make everyone happy.

b. Versatility in room usage:

Even when there are not many members in the family, the utility of an extra room in a 3BHK flat is, supreme. It can be used as a home office, which isn’t an unfamiliar concept anymore, ever since the pandemic introduced everyone to WFH. And in any case, having a guest bedroom is a luxury that often people dream of, which through the means of premium, spacious 3BHK homes, can be attained. The versatility with which the room can be used is completely up to the user’s imagination, and hence investing in a 3BHK flat in Nashik is definitely not a bad move!

c. Enhanced resale value:

The chances of getting a luxurious, premium 3BHK re-sold are undoubtedly higher than a 2BHK or a 1BHK, since the buyers usually tend to be either investors or families looking to upgrade their way of life. Moreover, the logic that lies behind any thought concerning the purchase of a property is to always buy more than what one already has. Hence, 3BHK homes always come with a better resale value in comparison to its smaller units.

Other essential features of spacious 3BHK homes in Nashik could be summed up as follows:

a. Large living areas and bedrooms:

3BHK homes always come with extra space. The room sizes in these flats are way more than those in 1 or 2BHK homes; consequently, allowing its occupants to enjoy the spacious abode.

b. Ample storage options:

With extra space, automatically come extra storage options. It is one extra room! 3BHK flats can definitely accommodate extra arrangements.

c. Modern fixtures and fittings:

3BHK homes, also happen to be a symbol of luxury and grandness. As a result, the fixtures and furnishings that meet the standards of a 3BHK flat exceed and excel in quality, in comparison to the smaller configurations.

The other thing that cannot be denied about 3BHK homes in Nashik, is the luxury factor it adds to people’s lifestyle here!

a. Premium amenities and facilities:

3BHK projects are generally part of multi-winged projects, implying that these flats would come with multiple upscale facilities and lifestyle amenities. However, even as stand-alone projects, exclusively 3BHK apartments, these residential projects tend to be more bedecked than its smaller stand-alone counterparts.

b. Well-designed interiors:

Since the availability of space is more in 3BHK flats, the architects and interior designers also get a free-hand when it comes to coming up with a chique, stylish, and elegant design option that screams luxury and class on completion!

  c. Expansive balconies or terraces:

Another plus of 3BHK homes is the ever-increasing allure of balconies and terraces. It is this extra space that lets people enjoy the benefit of not just an extra room, but also of being in touch with nature. The possibility of sipping a cup of coffee in your own balcony is something that is possible mostly when you buy a flat having a configuration of 3BHK and above!

While you must have already come to the decision of buying a 3BHK flat, why in Nashik is a question the following points intend to answer. But foremost, the simplest of all reasons is that Nashik is an emerging real estate destination.

a. Strategic location and connectivity:

Strategically located at a high altitude, and being blessed with a climate that makes people fall in love with the city, it is part of the Golden Triangle of Maharashtra, along with Mumbai & Pune, and also a part of the Smart City Project, has made Nashik one of the most preferred regions for large scale investments from around the country and has commenced a growth trend that promises high-value returns to all investors.

b. Infrastructure and amenities:

Owing to the presence of prestigious educational, commercial, and industrial institutions, such as The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, the Gokhale Education Society, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, the NDMVP cluster of educational institutions, HAL, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bosch (MICO), Siemens, Garware Industries, VIP, CEAT, ABB, Kirloskar Oil Engine, Glaxo, Crompton Greaves, etc. hordes of people now wish to live in this peace-loving city.

c. Affordable property prices:

Moreover, since Nashik is still a tier II city, it has low entry costs in the property sector, but high return on investment rate (in the range of 15-25%) which automatically hints at lower property prices. Furthermore, the market isn’t yet saturated as other metros, hence the power to negotiate can definitely work in the favour of those who wish to invest in Nashik.

Overall, investing in a spacious 3BHK home in Nashik is a deal that promises luxury, great satisfaction, and lucrative financial returns.